Public Opinion in the European Union, Spring 2019 EB91.5 2019 (•) (•)      
Energy Policy, Discrimination EB91.4 2019 (•) (•)              
Rule of Law, Climate Change EB91.3 2019 (•) (•)              
Europeans in 2019 EB91.2 2019 (•) (•)              
Biodiversity, Illicit Tobacco, EU Customs, Antisemitism EB90.4 2018 (•) (•)              
Public Opinion in the European Union, Autumn 2018 EB90.3 2018 (•) (•)      
Future of Europe EB90.2 2018 (•) (•)              
Parlemeter 2018 EB90.1 2018 (•) (•)              
EU citizens and development cooperation EB89.3 2018 (•) (•)              
Democracy on the move, European elections: one year to go EB89.2 2018              
Public Opinion in the European Union, Spring 2018 EB89.1 2018 (•) (•)      
Fairness, inequality and inter-generational mobility, Sports, Physical Activity, Agriculture and the CAP, December 2017 EB88.4 2017              
Public Opinion in the European Union, Autumn 2017 EB88.3 2017      
Corruption EB88.2 2017                  
EU Citizens' views on the European Parliament and the European Union EB88.1 2017                  
Europeans' attitydes towards Cyber Security EB87.4 2017                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Spring 2017 EB87.3 2017      
Designing Europe's Future EB87.2 2017                  
Attitudes towards the impact of digitisation and automation on daily life EB87.1 2017                  
Two Years until the 2019 European Elections EB87.0 2017                  
EU Citizens' views on Development, Cooperation and Aid EB86.3 2016                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Autumn 2016 EB86.2 2016      
European Parliament, Media Pluralism EB86.1 2016                  
Perception and Awareness about Transparency of State Aid EB85.3 2016                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Spring 2016 EB85.2 2016      
Perceptions and Expectations Europeans have regarding the EU’s action EB85.1 2016                  
The European Year for Development – Citizens’ views on development, cooperation and aid EB84.4 2015                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Autumn 2015 EB84.3 2015      
E-Communications and the Digital Single Market EB84.2a 2015                  
Awareness and perceptions of Europeans about EU customs EB84.2b 2015                  
Europeans, Agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy EB84.1 2015                  
Climate Change, Biodiversity, Discrimination EB83.4 2015                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Spring 2015 EB83.3 2015      
Public Security, Civil Protection, Humanitarian Aid EB83.2 2015                  
Data Protection EB83.1 2015                  
Gender Equality EB82.4 2014                  
Public Opinion in the European Union, Autumn 2014 EB82.3 2014    
Quality of Transport, Cyber Security EB82.2 2014                  
Passenger Rights, European Year for Development – Citizens’ views on development, cooperation and aid EB82.1 2014                  
Social Climate, Science, Research and Innovation EB81.5 2014                  
Public Opinion in the European Union EB81.4 2014      
Attitudes towards the environment, European area of skills and qualifications EB81.3 2014                  
Europeans in 2014 EB81.2 2014                  
Future of Europe, E-Communications EB81.1 2014                  
Climatic Change, Common Agricultural Policy, Patients Safety, Sports EB80.2 2013                  
Public Opinion in the European Union EB80.1 2013      
Social climate, Development Aid, Cyber security EB79.4 2013                  
Standard trend and EU core questions Spring 2013 EB79.3 2013      
Internal Market, Cultural Access, Science and Technology. EB79.2 2013                      
E-Communications household survey EB79.1 2013                      
European Small Claims Procedure EB78.2 2012                      
Standard trend and EU core questions Autumn 2012 EB78.1 2012      
The European Parliament, Development Aid, Social Climate, Discrimination EB77.4 2012                    
Standard trend and EU core questions Spring 2012 EB77.3 2012      
The Economic and Financial Crisis, Social Services, Railway Competition, Agriculture, Food Security, Cyber Security EB77.2 2012                    
Public attitudes, Civil Protection, Humanitarian Aid, Smoking habits, Languages EB77.1 2012                    
Future of Europe, Cross-Border Mobility, e-Communication EB76.4 2011                    
Standard trend and EU core questions EB76.3 2011          
Employment, Ageing EB76.2 2011          
Europeans and the Crisis EB76.1 2011          
Attitudes towards vocational education and training, Climate Change EB75.4 2011          
Standard trend and EU core questions, Environment, Social Services EB75.3 2011          
Environment, Social Services EB75.2 2011                    
Energy, E-Communication, The Internal Market, CO2 capture EB75.1 2011                    
The European Parliament - perception and preferences EB74.3 2010                    
Standard trend and EU core questions, economic governance and growth strategy EB74.2 2010          
Poverty and social exclusion, mobile phone use in other EU countries, the financial and economic crisis, international trade EB74.1 2010                    
Civil Justice, Europeans, development aid and the Millennium Development Goals EB73.5 2010                    
Standard trend and EU core questions EB73.4 2010        
Consumer empowerment, National and European identity, Public Health: electromagnetic fields EB73.2 +3 2010              
Consumer Empowerment EB73.3 2010              
Consumer Empowerment, European Union Humanitarian Aid - ECHO, Domestic violence against women, Public Health: Mental well-being EB73.2 2010              
The European Parliament, Biotechnology, Science and Technology EB73.1 2010        
Agriculture, Mobility, Use of Antibiotics, Physical Activity EB72.5 2009                  
Standard trends, Globalisation, Social Change EB72.4 2009          
Public Health EB72.3 2009          
Nuclear energy, Corruption, Gender inequality, Healtcare quality, Civil protection EB72.2 2009                  
Poverty and Social Exclusion EB72.1 2009                  
European Post-elections survey 2009 EB71.3 2009          
European Employment and Social Policy EB71.2 2009            
European Elections 2009, Economic crisis EB71.1 2009          
Standard trends Public Opinion in the European Union EB70.1 2008          
Standard trends including trust in institutions, attitudes towards EU institutions and public administration in general, EU enlargement and globalization EB69.2 2008          
Discrimination, Radioactive waste, Purchase of products and services in the EU EB69.1 2008                  
EU policy and decision making in justice, freedom and security areas, Corruption, Civil justice, E-Communications, Agriculture in Europe, Environmental Protection EB68.2 2007          
Standard EU trends and attitudes towards European integration EB68.1 2007          
EU Citizenship Undeclared Work EB67.3 2007            
Standard EU trends and attitudes towards European integration EB67.2 2007          
Cultural values in Europe Poverty Social Exclusion EB67.1 2007                
European Social Reality EB66.3 2006            
Nuclear Energy and Safety, Public Health EB66.2 2006              
European Values and issues, Mobile Phone use, Farm Animal Welfare EB66.1 2006            
Discrimination, Justice, freedom and security policy, Science and research, European Union Humanitarian Aid EB65.4 2006                  
EU and its neighbours, European employment and social policy, Energy Technologies, Family planning EB65.3 2006            
The European Constitution, Social and Economic Quality of Life, Avian Influenza, and Energy Issue EB65.2 2006            
The Future of Europe, Transborder Purchases in the European Union, and Family Planning EB65.1 2006                      
Mental Well-being, Telecommunications, Harmful Internet Content, and Farm Animal's Welfare EB64.4 2005            
Foreign Languages, Biotechnology, Organized Crime, and Health Items EB64.3 2005            
The European Constitution, Globalization, Energy Resources, and Agricultural Policy EB64.2 2005            
Mobility, Food Risk, Smoking, AIDS Prevention, and Medical Errors EB64.1 2005                      
Consumer Rights in Poland EB63.5 2005                                                                          
European Union Enlargement, the European Constitution, Economic Challenges, Innovative Products and Services EB63.4 2005            
Lifelong Learning EB63.3 2005                                                        
Radioactive Waste, Transport Services, Farm Animal's Welfare, and Means of Payment EB63.2 2005                      
Science and Technology, Social Values, and Services of General Interest EB63.1 2005      
Agricultural Policy, Development Aid, Social Capital, Information and Communication Technology EB62.2 2004                  
The Future of the European Union, Vocational Training, Environment, IT at Work, and Public Services EB62.1 2004                      
Standard European Union Trend Questions and Sport EB62.0 2004          
The European Union, Globalization, and the European Parliament (30 Years of Eurobarometer) EB61.0 2004                                          
Time Use, Product Safety EB60.3 2003                                          
Employment and Social Policies, Financial Services, The Internet, Product Safety EB60.2 2003                                          
Citizenship and Sense of Belonging, Fraud, and the European Parliament EB60.1 2003                                          
Consumer rights, Data Protection, Product Safety, E-Commerce, Lasting disabilities, The EURO EB60.0 2003                                          
The Common Agricultural Policy, Issues of Immigration, Rail Transport, Consumer Protection, and Information Society EB59.2 2003                                          
The Euro, Parental Leave EB59.1 2003                                          
Lifelong Learning, Health, Partners and Fertility EB59.0 2003                                          
Health Issues, Environment, Physical Activity, AIDS, Third World Relations EB58.2 2002                                          
Enlargement of the European Union, Financial Services EB58.1 2002                                          
Bio-technology, Information technology, Health, Environments EB58.0 2002                                        
Youth Attitudes about Drugs EB57.2 OVR 2002                                          
Health Issues, Cross-Border Purchases, and National Identities EB57.2 2002                                          
European Union Enlargement, the European Parliament, and the Euro EB57.1 2002                                          
Agriculture, Energy, and Discrimination Issues EB57.0 2002                                          
Getting Information on Europe and European Union Enlargement EB56.3 2002                                          
Radioactive Waste, Demographic Issues, the Euro, and European Union Enlargement EB56.2 2001                                          
Social Exclusion and Modernization of Pension Systems EB56.1 2001                                        
Information and Communication Technologies, Financial Services, and Cultural Activities EB56.0 2001                                          
Science and Technology, Agriculture, The Euro, and E-Inclusion EB55.2 2001                                          
Young European Citizens EB55.1 OVR 2001                                          
Globalization and Humanitarian Aid EB55.1 2001                                          
The Common European Currency, Enlargement of EU, the Future of Europe EB55.0 2001                                          
Employment and Social Affairs, and Disabilities EB54.2 2001                                        
Special Survey on Languages EB54 LAN 2000                                          
Building Europe and the EU, the European Parliament, Public Safety, and Defense Policy EB54.1 2000                                          
The Euro, Financial Services, and Information Communication Technologies EB54.0 2000                                          
Racism, Information Society, General Services, and Food Labeling EB53 2000                                          
Modern Biotechnology, Quality of Life, and Consumers' access to Justice EB52.1 1999                                        
European Parliament Elections, the Single European Currency, and Financial Services EB52.0 1999                                          
Environmental Issues and Consumer Associations EB51.1 1999                                        
The Elderly and Domestic Violence EB51.0 1999                                        
Information Society Services, Food Quality, the Family, and Aid to Development EB50.1 1998                                          
European Parliament and Radioactive Waste EB50.0 1998                                          
Food product safety, child sex tourism, health care and cancer EB49 1998                                          
Holiday travel EB48 1997                                          
Young Europeans EB47.3 1997                                          
Women and cancer, European Parliament, and expectations of the European Union EB47.2 1997                                          
Images of Switzerland, Education Throughout Life, Racism, and Patterns of Family Planning and Work Status EB47.1 1997                                          
Images of Germany, Consumer Issues, Electronic Information, and Fair Trade Practices EB47.0 1997                                          
Modern biotechnology, privacy on computer networks and the Common European Currency EB46.1 1996                                        
Personal health, energy, development aid and the Common European Currency EB46.0 1996                                          
Rights of the Citizen, Data Protection, Healt and Cancer EB45.1 1996                                          
Working Conditions and Work Experiences EB44.2 1996                                          
ECU, Food Labeling, Third World, Education - Schooling EB44.1 1995                                        
ECU, Education EB44.0 1995                                          
Nuclear Power, Energy, Drugs, AIDS EB43.1 1995                                        
Consumer Complaints, Smoking, Drugs, AIDS EB43 1995                                          
The First Year of the New European Union EB42 1994                                        
Post-European Election Survey EB41.1 1994                                                
Cross-Border Purchase, Women on Eur., AIDS/Blood Transf EB41 1994                                            
Poverty and Social Exclusion EB40 1993                                            
Work-Related Problems EB39.A 1993                                                
Biotechnology EB39.1 1993                                              
European Community Policies, Family Life EB39 1993                                            
Consumer Protection, Perceptions of Science and Technology EB38.1 1992                                                
Eutopean Integration Survey EIS 1992                                                                  
Eur.Unificat., Court of Justice, Passive Smoking, Cons. Issues EB38 1992                                            
European Drug Prevention Program EB37.A 1992                                                
Elderly Europeans EB37.2 1992                                                  
Consumer Goods and Social Security EB37.1 1992                                                
Awareness/Imprortance of Maastricht, Future of the EC EB37 1992                                              
Regional Identity, Percept. of the Third World, Env. Concerns EB36 1991                                              
Working Conditions EB35.A 1991                                                
Public Transportation, Biotechnology EB35.1 1991                                                
Foreign Relations, Common Agr.Policy, Environm. Concern EB35 1991                                                
Young Europeans in 1990 EB34.2 1990                                                
Health Problems EB34.1 1990                                                
Perceptions of the EC, Employment Patterns, Child Rearing EB34 1990                                              
Sports and Leisure, Trust in Foreigners, Radioactivity EB33 1990                                                  
The Single European Market, Drugs, Alcohol, Cancer EB32 1989                                                  
European Elections, 1989, Post-Election Survey EB31A 1989                                                  
European Elections, 1989, Pre-Election Survey EB31 1989                                                  
Immigrants and Out-Groups in Western Europe EB30 1988                                                  
Environmental Problems, Concer EB29 1988                                                  
Young Europeans in 1987 EB28.1 1987                                                  
Relations with Third World Countries, Energy Problems EB28 1987                                                  
The Common Agricultural Policy, Cancer EB27 1987                                                  
Energy Problems EB26 1986                                                  
Holiday Travel, Environmental Problems EB25 1986                                                  
Entry of Spain and Portugal EB24 1985                                                  
The European Currency Unit, Working Conditions EB23 1985                                                      
Energy Problems, the Atlantic Alliance EB22 1984                                                      
Political Cleavages in the European Community EB21 1984                                                      
European Women in paid Employment FS84 1984                                                        
Aid to Developing Nations EB20 1983                                                      
Gender Roles in the European Community EB19 1983                                                      
Ecological Issues EB18 1982                                                      
Energy and the Future EB17 1982                                                      
Noise and other Social Problems EB16 1981                                                      
Membership in the European Community EB15 1981                                                      
Trust in the European Community EB14 1980                                                      
European Women in paid Employment FS80 1980                                                          
Regional Developement and Integration EB13 1980                                                        
European Parliamently Elections EB12 1979                                                        
The Year of the Child in Europe EB11 1979                                                        
Scientific Priorities in the European Community EB10A 1978                                                        
National Prorities and the Institutions of Europe EB10 1978                                                        
Employment and Unemployment in Europe EB9 1978                                                        
Men, Women and Work Roles in Europe EB8 1977                                                        
Science and Technology in the European Community EB7 1977                                                        
Twenty Years of the Common Market EB6 1976                                                        
Revenues, Satisfaction and Poverty EB5 1976                                                        
Consumer Attitudes in Europe EB4 1975                                                          
European Men and Women EB3 1975                                                          
European integration EB2 1974                                                            
European Communities Study, 1973 ECS 1973                                                            
European Communities Study, 1971 ECS 1971                                                                    
European Communities Study, 1970 ECS 1970