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Candidate survey, Bergen

The objective of the project is to identify labor market adjustment of graduates from the University of Bergen, Bergen University College and Norwegian School of Economics.

The Career Center and educational institutions wishes to find out how the candidates feel in their meeting with the labor market, both for information and guidance purposes. The survey maps the candidates' experience of the job search process, the current situation on the labor market (have they got a relevant job) and education relevant to the job situation. The survey also maps where the candidates work, both geographically and across industries, and also reports to a certain extent in terms of job mobility in the first job.

Data Holdings

Title Download Documentation
Candidate survey 2016 Order dataset PDF
Candidate survey 2011 Order dataset PDF
Candidate survey 2009 Order dataset PDF
Candidate survey 2007 Order dataset PDF
Candidate survey 2005 Order dataset PDF
Candidate survey 2003 Order dataset PDF


Data is available without charge for research purposes.


All datasets can be converted to SPSS, Stata or SAS. Please contact us for other formats.

How to apply for data?

The applicant must fill out and submit our order form in order to apply for data (please remember to provide the complete name of the survey you want to order). Once the application has been processed the applicant will receive a confidentiality agreement to be signed and returned in order to gain access to datasets. Student applicants will also receive a supervisor’s declaration that must be signed by their supervisor.


  • The data may only be used for the project described in the application. If the applicant wishes to use the data for other purposes, one must reapply for access
  • Access to the datasets is restricted to the applicants only. All project collaborators with direct access to the datasets must sign a confidentiality agreement to use the data
  • Applicants are obliged to refer to the producer and distributor of the datasets
  • Applicants are required to submit an electronic copy (PDF) of any publications that has been based on the datasets. The publications will be referred to on our website
  • All data must be deleted or returned to NSD within two years after the delivery date. In order to extend access the applicant must reapply


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