Haugen, Odd-Steinar (2009):

Utviklingen av Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon: En studie av friksjoner i endringsprosessen

Oslo, Forsvarets høgskole







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20/12 2017

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This study examines possible factors that could influence negatively on a successful strategic process of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation. An exploration was conducted among a selection of middle level managers in the organisation. The main areas covered in the exploration were the ability to; know attributes of the future, accurately assess the strength and weaknesses of the organisation, manage a change process that better aligns the organisation with the anticipated future. In addition a study of the strategic plans and documents was conducted. The main findings are as follows:

• The strategic process can be described as an exploitation process. This seems not to benefit the organisation in the long-term development of leadership, culture and vision.
• The strategic process seems to have a split change perspective; a conceptual perspective and a rationalisation perspective. As a consequence the organisation does not have a uniform focus at the vision and the goal.
• The organisation seems to be rigid, fragmented, hierarchic, regulated and overcomplex with at heterogeneous organisational culture. This does not support for customer required changes related to higher tempo and greater flexibility.
• System support for a quality system is not established. This represents a missing prerequisite for establishing the internal marked as an effective tool for improvement and development within the organization.

The Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation has not been able to implement a strategic process that aligns the organisation with the future demands of their interested parties.