Data on the Political System

These pages cover documentation of NSD's archives about the Norwegian political system. The English version of the documentation is not as comprehensive as the Norwegian one. However, all the archives have an abstract in English. In some of the archives we also present tables and overviews prepared by NSD.


Data on the Norwegian parliament, the Storting, is divided into three main areas: Biographies of the politicians, votes at the Storting, and remarks in recommendations.


The government pages consist of data about all Norwegian governments since the dissolution of Denmark-Norway in 1814.


The party data consist mainly of party manifestos and press releases in text format as well as a dataset where the content of the manifestos is coded.

Civil Service - The Norwegian State Administration Database

The Norwegian State Administration Database gives a detailed overview of the Norwegian state administration after the Second World War.

Other Archives

Archive of Academicians and Archive of Members of Company Boards.