About NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data

NSD is a national centre and archive for research data. We work to make data about people and society available for research.

What do we do?

  • Facilitate sharing and reuse of data about people and society
  • Give advice on data management and data protection in research
  • Publish statistics on higher education and research

Who are we?

Our mission is to ensure open and easy access to research data and improve the conditions for empirical research through a wide range of data and support services.

NSD's advisers have expertise in the various stages of the research process and work together with our developers to offer solutions that lower the threshold for archiving, sharing and reusing data.

At NSD, we believe that research data is a collective good that must be shared.

Why are we here?

NSD contributes to keeping data alive so that it can be used by researchers to shed light on questions about people and society both today and in the foreseeable future.

The principle of open access, equal treatment and sharing of data governs our business.

Certified archive

NSD’s archive for research data is a certified under the CoreTrustSeal.

NSD is the national service provider for the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA. We have been archiving research data on behalf of the National Archives of Norway since 2014.