Archive of Ministers

Period: 1814-present


Information about datasets under Archive of Ministers

'Datasets' contains detailed information about the basic data in the archive. 'Tables and figures' on the left depend on these datasets.


The Archive of Ministers consists of data about the Norwegian governments since 1814. Information about the ministers may be accessed either through 'government' or 'ministry' as the overarching structure. All in all the data contain information on three levels:

Additionally, we have also arranged some simple statistics, i.e., gender distributions, age distributions and various seniorities. These statistics might show some of the potential of the available data.

The search function

If you are interested in a certain person, the easiest thing to do would be to search for this person directly. However, worth noticing here is that in connection with 'Find person' we have also made a name index that includes all the persons that exist in NSD's Archives of Politicians. In other words: all former and present members (and quite a lot of substitutes) of the Storting are included in this index. With that regard we have made a simple table that systematically indicates whether the indexed persons have taken office as minister and/or state secretary and/or member of the Storting.

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